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Studio Twinswa

TTPD bundle of 30 prints

TTPD bundle of 30 prints

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Tortured Poets Department print bundle: Taylor Swift's latest opus with our "The Tortured Poets Department" digital poster collection. Each of the 30 prints is a tribute to the poignant verses that have captured the hearts of fans worldwide, masterfully rendered into stunning visual artworks. Revel in the emotional cadence of TTPD, all from the comfort of your own sanctuary.

🎨 Aesthetic & Design:

Elegantly minimalist posters, blending a monochrome palette with occasional touches of muted colors. Some of the posters include the following:
An hourglass motif with sand transforming into infinity, symbolic of time and memory.
A handwritten declaration, 'love him,' beneath a simple heart, portraying intimate affection.
The bold TTPD acronym, with lyrical whispers creating a backdrop, encapsulating the album's essence.
A feather and ink, signifying the traditional tools of a poet, against a stark black canvas.
A somber typewriter, with 'All's fair in love and poetry,' capturing the timeless struggle of a writer's heart.
A farewell to the cityscape of London, overlaid with nostalgic handwritten script.

🌸 Instant High-Resolution Downloads:

Access your high-quality digital downloads instantly post-purchase (instructions on download and print provided after purchase).
Versatile for a variety of sizes and ratios, perfect for customizing your space.
🛍️ Listing for Physical Prints:

For those preferring tangible art, please view our listing for physical prints here.

2:3 Ratio, 3:4 Ratio, 4:5 Ratio, 11:14 Ratio, A Series, US Letter.
Custom sizes available upon request. Visit this listing for personalized wall art sets.
🧚🏼‍♀️ Access & Printing:

Access your purchases at Etsy Downloads.
Print at home or with a local or online print service. For best results, I recommend satin or matte finishes on heavyweight paper.
For online printing, try Gelato for their high-quality wall art posters here.
🛍️ Refund Policy & Disclaimers:

Adhering to Etsy's guidelines, refunds are not available for digital products.
Colors may vary slightly from your screen due to printer and monitor settings.
The quality of the final print depends on the printing service and paper quality used.
👩🏼‍⚖️ Copyright Notice:

These designs are for personal use, with copyright remaining with Studio Twinswa. Thank you to the original artists for their collaboration!
🛼 My Designs:

Studio Twinswa prides itself on unique creations, with elements sourced from premium platforms, celebrating the synergy of art and emotion in each piece.
Tailor your environment with visual echoes of Taylor Swift's lyrical masterpieces, and immerse yourself in the world of TTPD, a space where every note paints a picture, and every word is a stroke of artistic genius.

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