Hi there!

I'm Betty, a Norwegian artist with a heart full of whimsy and a serious case of Swiftie fever. My love for all things creative started as a kid, scribbling away with my twin sister (hence the name "Studio Twinswa"). While our paths have taken different turns (she into wedding and event designs, and I'm over here drawing stick figures) - we both share that spark.

Speaking of sparks, my art bounces between two worlds:

Whimsical Delights: 
Think sunshine, summer days, and those little moments that make you grin. My drawings are playfully simple, designed to make you feel like you're reliving your favorite memories with a touch of magic.

Swiftie Designs:
Taylor Swift's music is basically my life soundtrack. Her songs tell stories, and my Swiftie-inspired art is both an interpretation and inspiration of that.

See, my shop is a total twin thing – why pick a favorite style when you can have both? It's a little bit playful, a little bit Swiftie, and sometimes those two worlds collide in the most magical way – I even create whimsical Swiftie designs!  Just like me, my art's a blend of everything that makes my heart sing.

My goal? Making art that brings a smile to your face and a little twinkle to your eye. Whether it's a piece that feels like a hug from inside a memory or sings to your Swiftie soul, I hope you find something joyful in my shop.

Come explore, and let's see if a little piece of my art strikes the perfect chord for you (ta-dah)!

Thank you so much for swinging by! <3  

Big big hugs,

- Betty